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Wife In Labor, And I Cant Update My Website

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So, I am at the hospital where my wife is in labor. We are kinda in a "hurry up and wait" mode right now, so I am trying to work on one of my sites. :eek:


It appears as thought the hospital has all of the ports block. I cant FTP, get into CPanel, or WHM.


Now, I understand priorities, and Ill be there to feed her Ice chips when the time comes but this is killing me. Right now, My mother inlaw and wife are watching Fred Astaire :) (we are inducing so we could be here a while).


Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might upload a css sheet to a site and avoid using any blocked ports? (ive tried IE, but no luck).

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Congradulations Dave (when it finally arrives)! But I think you are at the Hospitals Admins mercy here, they locked everything down for a reason. I believe your best option would be to locate another Wi-Fi hotspot if possible. A Starbucks or a McDonalds thats is nearby would be my first choice. Maybe a Hotel near you that has it.


Most big Hotels offer Free Internet and the hotsport is in the lounge. They have so many guests they will never recognizeyou sitting there for a short period. If you spend too much time they may, but 15-30 minutes you'll be in and out and no one will care.


Good luck and hope the wait is not long.

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HA! :eek:

Got it! :)

I remembered that I have Logmein on one of my computers, so I just logged into that one, and did my thing from my home computer.


(Ill keep you updated as to when we have a new addition as well.)

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Congrat's Dave! For anyone who might be following this, you can use many of the hotel wireless access points. For my job, we've got some people on the road that have no choice but to pull into a parking lot and tap in. As Bob said tho'...they don't hang out for hours on end...just enough to send/receive email, reports, etc.

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