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welcome to the forum :)

If you look in your welcome e-mail

you will see your files need to go into the public_html folder.

This is commonly referred to as the remote directory

and is most likely what DW means.

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welcome to the forum Loadsofads.com :)


For the FTP host - just use loadsofads.com (i.e. don't include the http:// bit as that is saying use http not ftp )


As Thomas says, make sure the passive box is checked.


I also use a / in front of the public_html so it's /public_html/


Then use your cpanel username as the username and your cpanel password as the password.

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Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you got it working.


I think it was the /public_html/ with both slashes that probably was the clincher here. That was what I was about to suggest as I read through this thread. Then I saw that Andy had you covered.


Hope you enjoy the forums. Come back and ask lots of questions. We just sit here waiting for people to ask questions. (In the mean time we break our own sites, so we can ask more questions...)


Best wishes, and again, welcome.

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