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Bad Day Part 2


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It was in the UK - but no, not me.


To many clues ....


Look where the red car is in the first series of pictures ... moved in the second, only to return ...


What about the white RIB next to the red fishing boat? There in the first series, gone .... only to reappear in the last pic.


Compare where all the people are standing in the last of the first series, and the last of the second series .... exactly the same place - amazing :naughty:


What about the splash from the first recovery vehicle falling back in - oddly there is none .... any more clues wanted :)

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Definitely a fake. The physics given the comparitive sizes of the trucks, the distance the green truck is from the edge, the length of the crane on the green truck, the length of the support leg on the green truck, and the depth of the water just don't work out.


To get the truck up on it's side would suggest a pivot action, but there's no good pivot point. If the red truck was really too heavy I would expect the crane or the support leg on the green truck to break, but the distance from the green truck to the water along with the depth of the water (the red truck can only fall so far, and can therefore only pull the green truck so far) would prevent the green truck from falling in. And if you've ever seen one of those heavy duty trucks in action you know they can lift semis out of swamps, so a flatbed with a little crane on it shouldn't be a problem.


The red truck, by comparison, did not have a support leg, was right on the edge, and the car it was lifting had a long way to fall.


So the guy in the red truck had a bad day. The guy in the green truck had a very profitable day, assuming that he did not also own the red truck.

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