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Ssl On Oscommerce

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Hi ya,


Thanks to the TCH family for all the help in the past and no doubt tons more in the future.


I have purchased a domain name and have set up ocSommerce and have it running in a subdomain. Will move it to root when all goes live.


I see from other osCommerce sites that they are secured by SSL certs.


So I had a read through the Help section and forums here and am more confused.


What I want to know...


-If I only accept orders through my osCommerce site and receive payments through PayPal do I need an SSL cert?


-If I need an SSL cert, can I have osCommerce sitting in root?


-If osCommerce is in root and someone enters through my domain name is everything secured? Is root SSL'd?


-If I use a shared SSl cert from TCH can I get a logo to put on my website for customers to see and feel at ease?


Trying to ask as many questions as possible so I dont have to keep coming bak and bugging the Gurus too much.


Ahhhh...so many questions and total confusion.


Hoping someone can understand whats swilling around my head, make sense of it and even shed some light on it all.


Kind regards, WM :tchrocks:

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1. No, SSL kicks in from the PayPal side. If I recall, they have to log in to PayPal before the transaction takes place.


2. Yes


3. If they enter through https then yes. Otherwise it will not be secure unntil you enter your cart if I remember right.


4. No, the logo is tied to the SSL cert you buy.

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