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Hold Onto Your Hats


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Unfortunately you can't totally remove IE. Click My Computer and in the Address bar put www.google.com and there you are.


IMO, that's the problem with Windows - everything is so integrated that the web pages can access the OS through hooks and stuff. One bug and boom, your whole computer can be at their mercy. With compartmentalized apps there is no problem... in Unix the web browser can't take over the OS essentials unless something was done horribly wrong and probably on purpose to compromise that one system (like a hacked shell command or something).

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First, IE is itself a hole.


Second, this is not news. If a month went by without finding a critical flaw in IE, that would be news. If they are smart, tech news writers have a macro, ctrl+e, which types out: "Microsoft Confirms 'Highly Critical' IE Hole."


Seriously, does a Microsoft meeting go something like this:

Programmer: "Hey, I got a great new feature we can add to [fill in the blank]."

Decision Maker: "Great, put it in."

New Guy: "We don't really know how it will interact with all the other code."

Decision Maker: "So...what's your point?"

New Guy: "Well...you know...security and stuff."

Decision Maker: "Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!"

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