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I am looking for a new hosting solution and you guys look like the solution.

First a little background, then a question for you:


I just got my site up and running on another server. It's a genealogy based site and the guy who is hosting it is doing it as a favor to the lady who runs our DNA project. He got the domain name for us. Unfortunately the solution is basically just a folder on a web server. In other words, it totally sucks. No reflection on those guys, they aren't in the web hosting business. Like a said, they are just doing her a favor.


I just ran a WhoIs on our domain name and this is what came back.


Sponsoring Registrar:Blueberry Hill Communications Inc. dba 4domains.com (R104-LROR)




Naturally, those Transfer prohibited entries concern me. How do I get this domain transfered over to you guys?

Can it be done? We (meaning the Family Assoc.) paid for the registration so I am assuming I just need to get these people to change the status.


Any clarification appreciated.

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A lock has been placed on the domain name. Basically when you come to transfer this domain name, they will contact the email address given for that domain and see if its really them who are changing it.


I would contact the original guy who set it all up, he will be able to contact the originating company to unlock the domain name. You could also try contacting the domain name company yourself and pleading your case.


Once its unlocked, its simple task to get it transferred.


Having said that, if you can get access to the domain name control panel (or whatever it uses), you will just need to change the name servers to point to ours, this would be a lot easier.



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Thanks for the info and the welcomes. :)

I've pretty much made up my mind this is what I'm going to do.

I will ask them to release the lock so it can be transfered. I have no access to the name servers.

This is going to take a while. It's the type of outfit, if you send them an e-mail and get answer back within 2 weeks you can consider yourself lucky. :D


Since they did her a favor though I am going to stay there for 3 months or so. Hell it will probably take that long to get the lock released. :D


See you guys sometime this summer. :group:

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Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you can get this all resolved in a timely manner.


Once you "officially" come on board, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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Welcome to the forums Matt :P

yes you will love it here with all the features.

let us know if you need more advice.

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