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Filezilla Acting Weird - Hogging Memory?


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I've got a gig of memory on my desktop, and within the past week or so I've noticed that using Filezilla (my go-to ftp client) will start to make my other apps slow down dramatically while files are in transit. This has never been the case even when I had half as much memory.


The only recent change I made was updating drivers for my graphics card. I have verified that I have the correct driver.


In addition, I downloaded and used SmartFtp without any of the issues mentioned above. AND, other memory intensive applications (Photoshop and similar) work just fine.


I've tried to research this on my own but wondered if anyone else had seen or read about similar problems. I could switch to smartftp, but my first choice would be to keep FileZilla.


Thank you much.

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I had not changed or upgraded Filezilla prior to noticing problems.... but I upgraded to see if it would fix the issue, which it did not.


I have not seen it eat memory while task manager is open.


I was thinking that maybe it was a cache file that was filling up, because as soon as I open FileZilla the first time, it works fine. But if I tell it to upload 50 files (big or small) then the problem appears as FileZilla starts transferring the files. In other words, the first ten or so, no problem, 11-20 starts to slow down cursor movements and other programs, 20-30 gets even worse... and so on. If I shut down FileZilla and bring it back up, everything is working fine... until I hit some imaginary limit.


I looked in the docs and the admin but can't find anything referencing a cache file.


The only other thing I can think of at the moment (and I'm grabbing at straws here) is that I downloaded xampp (local php, apache, mysql, phpmyadmin, and... filezilla server). I have turned off (but not uninstalled) FileZilla server, just in case that was the issue... but the problem persists.


I have been very good about running sweeps for spyware. Plus, none of the other programs I use, including my recent heavy usage of smartftp, is causing similar issues.

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Which version are you using? I did a quick search and found that 2.2.12 introduced a memory leak which is the first thing that comes to mind with "it gets progressively worse" problems.


Another thing you can do is watch the mem usage in task manager while it downloads and see if it gets bigger and bigger - to confirm it is a mem thing... or even that it is filezilla and not some side effect from something else (less likely).


I have portable FZ 2.2.17 here and tried it. It went from 11.2M of mem to 13.6M and then back to 13.4 for a long time. I DL'd 1871 files from my web site here. It didn't cause any CPU problems and seemed to self limit.


Hope it helps!

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As a quick and unreliable :P test of the video driver theory, you could minimize the filezilla window. That usually removes video from the equasion. It's not a good test, but it may give you a quick "yep, that's it." if it does run fast minimized.

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