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I have two clients on my reseller accounts that are unable to log into their Agora Admin area to makes changes in their shopping carts.

I installed a new cart on a new account and am experiencing the same problem.

Agora tells me it is probably a server problem and TCH advises me it's an Agora Cart problem.

I tried several suggestions on the Agora website, but it's still not working.

(We get an "you are not authorized, etc message.) The usernames and passwords used are correct.

Can anyone help?

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This sounds a little odd. If you open a ticket at the help desk, and give us the login details to Agora Admin (as well as your account) we'll take a look.


I already did, Andy. Here is the reply I received:


We are sorry that this Help Desk is primarily for server related issues. We have a Support forum where 3rd party software support is available by the many family members and staff members that use that particular software.

Our Forums are located at https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/


Thank you for choosing TotalChoice Hosting


Best Regards,

Muhammad Ali

Level 2 System Administrator

TotalChoice Hosting L.L.C


The Ticket ID is PCS-74241 if you want to take a look.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Re-open and escalate to a manager if necessary. State your issue again and let them know that Andy was the one to tell you to open the ticket.


FWIW, I am able to install and access the admin area just fine. I did have to log in twice in a row though.

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Be careful with what you choose for password "characters". I had a similiar problem when I first setup Agora and tracked it down to using an "@" in my password string that it couldn't handle.

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