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I have been messing around with osCommerce for the last day or so. I'm not highly skilled in .php, but I have managed to get around and customize myself.


I am having trouble trying to find a spot that I know I've probably seen while going through the files, so I figured I'd ask here. All I want is the file that it would be in, not how to do it :)


After I have clicked on a link in "Categories" it pulls up the items for that "Category" and at the top of the items is:


"Let's See What We Have Here"


Where is that so I can edit it?


Thanks in advance!

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I've been ironing out the wrinkles that I have.. I keep running into this error... Any ideas?


1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-20, 20' at line 1


select o.orders_id, o.customers_name, o.payment_method, o.date_purchased, o.last_modified, o.currency, o.currency_value, s.orders_status_name, ot.text as order_total from orders o left join orders_total ot on (o.orders_id = ot.orders_id), orders_status s where o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id and s.language_id = '1' and ot.class = 'ot_total' order by o.orders_id DESC limit -20, 20




So far so good, but now this is more than confusing to me :thumbup1:

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