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I have been without any phone service to my home for two days now.

This morning I was told I would definitely have service by 7pm....no details, no information.


Tonight, after 8pm, I still have no phone service.

After talking to 2 people tonight I finally have been told a second person must come out tomorrow to check cables.


Most irritating are:

1) When you call in the first thing you are told is "in your area, difficulty on the line is caused by...THE HURRICANE." Say WHAT? :eek: Orlando received (relatively) minor damage in 2004 and 2005 and has had no significant long term damage. How can the phone company blame THE HURRICANE (which one???) for problems that have not existed before during or after the storms????


2) I have had to be transferred time after time after time after time (eating up my cell phone minutes) and repeating my phone number, my lack of dial tone and then finally arriving at the final menu that confirms I have already reported a problem...."please say good bye or just hang up!" :blink: HUH???? I want to know information...I want resolution....I want to know why my phone is the only one on the block without service! (I have a credit with them so it is not a billing issue!)


When TCH has a problem with technology, it is reported and resolved. I have seen posts by the Head Guru and the support staff explaining servers being updated, components being reinstalled, initialized, progress made... Customers are not kept in the dark. We KNOW folks are working on our behalf.


WHY OH WHY can't other companies learn that we LIKE to be kept informed like TCH does! Again I am reminded tonight about how special the service we have with TCH really is! :D

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I deal with Telcos daily as well (though mostly for T1 lines, not voice lines, but still) and I'm never happy about doing it. I especially love how most of them have in their SLA's that they can take a circuit down to work on it without notifying you if the outage is anticipated to be less than 1 hour. Well that's all well and good, until I'm trying to figure out why one of our routers is down. Grr...

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I deal with telco companies for work. Last year we had MAJOR problems with our T1 going down taking our internet, phone, fax and believe it or not, our alarm system with it. When we moved into the new building a year ago, the phone lines were supposedly duplicated from the old office. Took months to get the issue (new incoming cable, new cable pair down the street, new part at the cable house, blah blah blah) resolved, get new copper analog lines installed (one for backup of the fax number, one for the alarm line).


The famous lines are "It's not our fault, it's the company that installed the lines...that maintains the lines....that services the T1....the other guy did it!"


I negotiated a SWEET new contract with a different telco company. Has been smooth sailing for our office since the switch. :goof: Much better response time and communication.


But at home is a different story. Residential service is last on the list of priorities.

COMMUNICATION is key. You would think that telecommunication companies would understand that!

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Good luck Sami, with a phone company you will need it.

'Specially in Florida O.o

We had Sprint. Hadn't had a hurricane hit anywhere near us, and out phone would sporadically go out.

Then, when we moved to Kansas, Sprint told us we never held an account with them when we tried to get our $200 deposit back O.o

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Resolved while I was at work today. Got home and I HAVE PHONE SERVICE!


3 days without service on absolutely perfect weather days yet their auto message says my problem was caused by THE HURRICANE. My phone service provider must have psychics working for them...a hurricane in the future must have affected my service now. :tchrocks:


Good thing I am not on a dial up connection!



Hey Bill (Head Guru)......are you interested in starting a PHONE COMPANY?

I would be your first client!

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My phone service provider must have psychics working for them...a hurricane in the future must have affected my service now.

Let's hope their psychics are wrong this year! We've had enough...let the east coast have some of the fun!

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That future hurricane will come so far in the future that have such advanced tech that it won't hurt anything or anyone. :tchrocks: Except the telephone service. :clapping:

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