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I Want Summer!


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Well, today is a little cooler, with a stuff breeze. I'm hoping it will warm up a little later on. Just let me know ahead of time and I'll send you the details..and also warn my husband (who would be actually thrilled to have a household full of people he can talk computer to (he works in the IT field).


Oh, and one thing? You have to like kids. And animals. :)

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Well it is going to be up to around 45Degrees Celsius today here in Sydney Australia, 38 on the coast and we have three different fire fronts raging in the forests in three different states. We would love some of the rain from the Northern Hemisphere here.


New South Wales is currently listed as 99% drought across the state and others aren't fairing that much better except in the tropics and Tasmania.


Currently bread, milk and meat are all on the rise, due to lack of water and feed.


So be careful what you ask for, with global warming you might just get the opposites happening as we have been the last 10 yrs.


Would love some RAIN.

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Ok, I can be really sure that the weather is weird now. :P


Beginning of November we had the first snow.


A week ago, the newspapers reported that they had found a flower that usually ONLY grow in the spring here in Stockholm. If it had been in southern of Sweden I could have understood it a bit more, but not here where I am.


Today, the newspapers reports that we should expect pollen around Christmas time.


Where is this going? Will the next thing be Santa in shorts and sunglasses? :)

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Will the next thing be Santa in shorts and sunglasses?
Don't know about the weather where you are Thomas, but here in Michigan, Santa will probable need his snow shoes to cross the saturated ground, and will need warm clothes and no sunglasses, the way it's been going here. The ground hasn't had a chance to dry up since the beginning of fall. * I think I'm wishing for snow* :)


I have a friend that lives in Kiruna Sweden, and said he has about a foot and half of snow, and at his Parents, it's been raining there. Not sure where that is, but he's taking a train to go visit.

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It's officially cold here in Wisconsin as of yesterday.


Last night I wandered outside to take my sister-in-law home (she came over to watch a movie with my wife and I) and I finally exclaimed "Hey! It's cold out!")



The temperature at the time of my annoucement was: 7° F

or -14° C.


I usually don't wear a jacket unless it's under 20° F :)

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I'd love to live someplace where the temperature only drops to the freezing mark in winter. That's still shirt-sleeve weather where I come from.

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Well today was Coooooooooold, Its that time of the year where I need to go out and buy a heater ... especially for my early mornings. This morning I was sitting at the PC all rugged up, 2 jumpers, my trackies and my donor all wrapped around me :P That means its heater time ...

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Its 54°F in Olympia, Washington now (7:37 pm) and it has been raining on and off.

On April 18th we had in Seattle, and then it snowed here a couple of days later.

Two days ago it was 27° when we woke up and 72° by dinnertime.


I used to say I wanted Spring here but then I realized this is spring. I want summer!

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