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Tables Problem With Ie And Ff/nn


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I'm having a problem that I haven't been able to figure out and hopefully I won't confuse anyone. I'm working on the top portion of my new site and I'm having alignment problems in the table when it's viewed in IE, but comes out as it should in FF and NN.


If you look at this page in IE




There is a gap between the two rows of the second collumn.


When you view it in NN or FF there is no gap and it displays exactly how I'd like it to.


Someone suggested to me that instead of using the single table I use nested tables. The first outter table with two collumns, in the first collumn is a table with the first image (left) and in the second collumn of the first table I placed a table with two rows. The first row contains a table with the top (right) image and the second row contains a table with the gradient background which will eventually hold text links. That is the reason I can't make this one single image.


I've got all the border, cellpadding, and cellspacing all set to 0. This really confuses me because my first site has a similar layout with no gap.


If you made it this far and actually understood everything I just babbled I'd truly appreciate any creative thoughts on this.

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On the innermost table you have

  <TD> left header stuff </TD>
  <TD> right header stuff </TD>


<TD> background stuff </TD>

No 2nd TD for the 2nd TR.


I found a nice quick online tool at http://infohound.net/tidy/ that lets you put url's or html code snippets and it can clean it up or look for errors. It gripes if you don't have doctypes and stuff but you can ignore that if you just want quick reformatting or checking.


Hope it helps!

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