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I forgot--how many emails can be sent per hour? I was thinking the hard limit was 250, but perhaps it is 200?


My client sends out periodic notifications to her customers, none of which are unsolicited, vulgar, illegal, etc. We're committed to adhering to the TOS & Acceptable Use Policy, but neither of these mentions a hard limit for legitimate emails-per-hour.


Thanks in advance,

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You will need to submit this question to the help desk, since we don´t want to give the info out to the spammers that might pick it up. :blink:

Link on top of page and in my signature.




Oops! That makes total sense. The last thing I want to do is inadvertently help any spammer scum. I've entered a ticket to request the info.



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I know what the limits are, and i opened a ticket to find out what happens if one goes over the limits and i was told that the messages over the limit aren't sent.


I tried to ask this next question but didn't get a response from the help desk, so thought maybe someone here could help.


If one accidentally does breach the limits, is it that the messages over the limit are NEVER sent, or are they merely delayed? If they are never sent, is there any way to know which ones failed to send? (example: send one message to X+1 people; which one didn't get sent to?)

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Thanks for the reply. I'm experiencing something different.


To explain, yesterday i accidentally sent a message with xx recipients. to the best of my knowledge they are all valid emails. all were requested to respond acknowledging they received the message. Only a fraction have responded so far, but several that did responded are well beyond the minimum marker. Any idea why this would be?


This is part of a larger, critical mystery i am seeking to solve. I've recently taken to using PHPlist for newsletter mailing list and have noticed that i'm getting various anomalies in the tracking system. The message with the xx recipients was not sent through PHP list so that i might troubleshoot the problem...but obviously i'm not getting the sort of results that would be expected from your answer to my question. I'm looking for any advice/insight that might help me solve this mystery.

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Just a tiny note...

You will need to check the box next to the line "Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder " for it to save a copy (this is very easily forgotten).


Andy should have received it though. :lol2:

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