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How to handle mailing list autoresponder

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I subscribe to a particular e-mail list, and recently one of our listmates has set up his e-mail account such that anytime somebody posts to the thread, an auto-reply shoots back a message saying basically "thanks for your message. Come visit my website and buy my stuff..."


It turns out that every time you write to this person at the address they have subscribed to the list you get this VERY ANNYING spam message back.


What would you do if that were the case? Would you report the messages as SPAM?


I wrote back to the guy and asked him to stop sending me the messages, but there has not yet been a response.


Here is an interesting twist:


The guy is registered to the list with an email address from his personal domain. So l did a whois search to see where he is hosted. Any guesses? He's a TCH customer.


So, if enough people complained that said users was sending them SPAM, would the TCH server get blacklisted? If so, then I would want to report this user's domain to TCH administration, in order to keep other users on the same server safe. If said user can't get his whole server into trouble, then I won't bring up his name, because I don't want to be mean.


Maybe it doesn't technically qualify as SPAM because he's only sending it to people who sent him a message (even if it was via a message board list).


Should I do something or just ignore it and filter the messages to my trash bin?

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In addition to asking the guy nicely to cut the crap, I'd ask the list mod to take a look at the issue and possibly boot the guy. For one-on-one emails I can't imagine there's anything anybody can do about it, because as you said you only get the message if you send him something. But I can't imagine a list owner that wants a subscriber spamming the list.

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I would start with the list manager and get him booted. However if he has signed up on multiple lists with the same address he could be reported as a spammer and have the server blacklisted. I would open a ticket with the help desk and report it as abuse.

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