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Redirect Non-existent Posts

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I recently dropped my entire Wordpress blog (876 posts) in lieu of a smaller, easier to maintain website. In just the one day since I dropped the database and deleted the WP install directory, I have seen the number of 404 errors go up significantly.


I would like to set up a redirect such that if someone is looking for anything in the /wp directory (ie. /wp/somecategory or /wp/somecategory/somepostid and so on) they just get sent back to the new front page /index.php. There is no /wp directory anymore, there is no Wordpress install anymore, so the "post not found" WP error page is no longer there. Instead it's all ugly 404's.


I'm not concerned about lost search engine traffic due to content not being where Google and Yahoo think it is, but if somebody comes to my site I'd at least like them to see a real page.

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For those of us that arent smart cookies... I would love to hear the solution.

I had assumed that it could be easily done by doing something like the following in the htaccess file.



Just for kicks and giggles :D I had tried to do it myself, but it only worked if I typed in www.mysite.com/wp/


Am I not on the right track?

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Not if you just change to Google, but Google-Rob would be ok I guess, according to



About the above link, I have read about this boy before in another place, but I just visited his site for the first time and it looked messed up in Firefox so if you go visit that site, use another browser or it´s text will make no sense. ;)

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