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Recently I have had a sudden drain on bandwidth.

Turns out that a few forums, couple guestbooks and some web pages (including one HOME PAGE) have hot links to some files on my tutorial site.


One of the linked files is a silly video I use as an example and it is rather large, and seems quite popular.


Last night I moved the full video to it's new location, and replaced the original file with a much smaller altered file using the same name. The video begins normally, but the background music has been replaced with a voice-over that says " THIS VIDEO IS STOLEN AND ENDS NOW!". Then goes BLACK, ending the transmission. :)


For a week, vistors to those pages will find a disabled video and the webmasters will get the point. Once I remove the file, they will just get a red x, but in the meantime, I will have my revenge on these thieves! And I can afford a bit of bandwidth for this venture.


Got the idea from one of the several threads that describe how to block certain sites from hot linking. One of the threads told how to make a replacement image. Thought it could be applied to other formats too! Thanks for the idea!

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LOL I remember when a dog site copied my K9 page source

I renamed the dog pics

and put a shaved cat pic in place of the original pics with text over it saying

this page is illegally copied and hot linked from (my site)

I did it on a Friday night and they did not notice until Monday :)

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Shaved cat picture on K9 page :) Wonderful sense of humor!



Would love to here what other things people have implemented.

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