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I have been noticing that google has always seems to give my website a different page rank. It seems like it is different even on the same day.

Sometimes my page rank for the home page is 0 and all of the other pages show 3. Some times the home page is 2 or even three. Right now, the home is showing as 1 and the rest are 0.

Not that website promotion is important for my site, but I am just confused as to the random page rankings.


Has anyone any insight as to the cause?


I am referring to my main family site MyJensen.com

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Hello Wampthing,


I have noticed this recentley as well, I can flick foward a page, and then flick back and google gives it a different ranking all together. I just go with the average!


At present, most of your pages are PR2 or PR3



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First, what Google reports to us as Page Rank may or may not be true info. It should only be used as a guideline at best and probably not then.


PR comes from sites that link to you and their value. As Google changes their algorithms, everyone's numbers changes. As that happens, considering there are millions of pages out there the "recalculation" ebbs and flows and the site that gave you a PR3 may pick up or drop off when the pages that point to it are recalculated.


Usually the fluxuations settle down when "every" site is recalculated, but it takes time and they may have a new algorithm by then. :)

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i also noticed that and my guess is that's just the way how their algorythm works. It recalculates the current pr on the fly, that is when you go to your page from higher pr referrer such as 5-6 then your pr might be read as 3, when your referrer is 0, then the referred to page may change its pr from 3 down to 0, as well. Google's internal wheels behind the scenes. Pr is not cast in pigiron, it's just the relative measure of relations between referrer and referred to. Therefore, pr per se is worthless, it's good only as a measure of good/bad linking, that's all. At least that's what i think imho




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Therefore, pr per se is worthless,


it's good only as a measure of good/bad linking, that's all. At least that's what i think imho

I don't agree that it necessarily shows good or bad linking. PR has always been questionable since no one can say with certainty what it really shows. Besides, I've seen PR0 and PR1 sites at the top of a search engine result page.


Other tools are also useful. I use digitalpoint.com which has some good free tools for things like how many links do you have to your site or search engine rank for certain keywords.


Bottom line, PR means nothing of use. :tchrocks: It might give trending but can we rely on it? I dunno.


By the way, welcome to the forums and family airfarenow.

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