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Can Hosting Provider Affect Incidence Of Viruses And Spyware?

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I recently transferred a new client onto my TotalChoice reseller account from APlus (a San Diego based hosting company). Since the transfer, my client claims to have got a virus and some spyware on his PC.


My understanding is that this could not be anything to do with the change of hosting service. Maybe it is just coincidental or the spyware/viruses just recently came to 'life." Am I correct?


His security is looked after by someone else who has installed a SonicWall firewall that is supposed to check for viruses/spyware etc. It may well do, but something seems to have got through in this case. Personally I use AVG for virus checking and AdAware and SpyBot for spyware checking.

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You do not get infected because of where you host a web site. You get infected different ways and depending on your habits and how well you are protected. Also getting spyware is totally unrelated to being infected with a virus.


I would suggest you have them question the guy responsible for security. But the only secure computer is the one that is turned off and unplugged.

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Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.

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