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Email Forwarding


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I've set up an email forwarder. It works fine, and all the mail being sent to the original is now also delivered to my gmail account. The question I have is:


Can I set up for the forwarded email to not go to the original email also, and only the forwarded?


mail sent to me@mydomain is delivered to me@mydomain and me@gmail.com.


I want mail sent to me@mydomain to go to me@gmail.com only. Not to the mydomain address.


The reason for this is so when I forward mail I don't have to sort through it twice.


Thank you.

I'm new to the forum, I hope I've put this question in the right place.

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This topic got moved while I was replying....



Hi jrg70, welcome to the forums.


To do what you describe, you would just create a forwarder in cPanel, NOT an e-mail or webmail account.


If all you create is the forwarder alias@****** to point to you@gmail.com, then mail will just get passed along.


If you create the forwarder alias@****** AND you create a webmail account for the same alias name, then you will get both.


It sounds like all you need to do is delete the webmail account and your forwarding will continue to work as you desire.


Again, welcome to the forums. Don't be a stranger!! :P

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