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Secure Webmail Access


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My websites are hosted by TCH and wondering if there is a way to redirect webmail access automatically to secure access.


What I am trying to do is, if I type "*****/webmail", I want it redirected to "https://www.****/webmail" (note the "s" at the end of "http").


I don't want to embed a script on the website to direct my users to SquirrelMail or Horde because they won't have access to "Change Password", "Forwarding Options", "Auto Responder", and "Aging" options. Unless they login the regular way which will be too much of a hassle.



Thanks for the help.




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I'd like to revisit this topic, if I may.


I've been using Squirrel mail for some time now and have successfully done so with https://****/sqmail


I'd like to move to Roundcube, which I can only get to by using http://****/webmail and then wait for the redirect. Because of the special folder status causing the redirects to port 2095, I am not able to get a secure connection.


I need to be able to connect securely so I don't pass my username/password in the clear over the network.


What options are there?


Do I need to install my own version of Roundcube in my site for this?


Has anyone else successfully done so?

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You can get to it securely if you do this:




When prompted to login, use your email address and password.


If that fails because of the shared SSL certificate do this:




Again, use your email address and password to login.

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Squirrelmail is setup to use https://domain/sqmail


That particular installation of squirrelmail is a cpanel independent one that we maintained so that clients can access their email if the default port 2095/2096 is blocked. This will be discontinued shortly as cpanel now provides "proxy domains" which would port 2095,2096 to 80. This can be accessed via http://webmail.your-tch-domain.ext/


If this feature is not available on your server, kindly give us some time. It is being pushed gradually as and when servers are upgraded.

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