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Registry Mechanic

Mrs. Muddled

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Registry Mechanic. I just downloaded it to see what it was all about. It tells me I have 875 "things" it wants to delete!


I started scrolling through the list. I saw my shaw cable stuff .... which means my virus checker and my spyware checker listed ... I saw all sorts of names that I consider "friendlies." ;)


What are your thoughts on this program? It certainly appears to be highly regarded from what I've read.


I can't just let it run amok ... and 800 odd entries are a lot of decisions for me to make.


Obviously I want my computer to run as smoothly as possible, and right now I'm having problems with freeze ups.


Your thoughts?

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Not to sound negative, but if you want to do this, I would recommend you take your computer in and have it professionally done. If you don't want to bring it somewhere, make sure you know exactly what you are doing as playing with anything in the registry is not for the timid.

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I am laughing. You guys have already got my number haven't you! You know I'd mess with this program and turn my computer into a lamp table ... right? Okay, Okay. I got the message. I'll delete the program and leave well enough alone. I read Pandora's box. I know what the ending was.

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For anyone else who might be following this thread and cleaning up their registry, there is one KEY statement throughout...


Make a back up of your registry FIRST!

Okay. Now I know I'm going to really embarrass myself by asking this next question - but - I'm prepared for the humiliation. Actually, I'm sort of getting used to it.


This word "backup" that you all seem so comfy with. Let's pretend you are talking to your Mom (I'm assuming here that you like your Mom) and you want her to back up her registry. What are you going to say to her?


First of all Mom - the registry is located here__________.


Then you put a CD in the E: drive and you copy these files____________.


Then, when/if you find you have destroyed your computer, you go to the ________ folder and copy the back up file by putting the cursor here__________________.



Get the picture? :(



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To be honest? If I'm talking to MY mom, I'd say:


"Mom! Take your hands OFF the keyboard, and back away from the registry."


Ok, that's not quite honest, but you get the picture. I don't mean to be trite, but I don't even mess with my registry. There comes a time and a place that you just have to pay for expert assistance. This is a case, not unlike plumbing, where I could do it myself, but I leave it to the experts anyway.

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To back up your registry

In XP go to the start button

click on run

type in regedit

this will load the registry

the click on file > export

At the top of the window that comes up is

save in:

it is most likely pointing to My Documents

you can click the drop down button at the end of the line to see where you are

navigate to a folder where you want to save

you can create a folder by clicking the folder icon with a red asterisk on it

then type in a file name

I like to use the date

like 20060501 before I mess with xx program


Then later if you need to restore the backup go back to regedit and file < import

find the file and click on it and select open.


Does this help?

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Yes Don!


I just downloaded Reg Mech for the second time - forgetting I'd gone down this path before. I decided to do a search on TCH - just to make sure I hadn't already queried the program. Lo and behold I had.


I wont ask any more questions - but I will make a back up as suggested by you Don. I don't think I can mess up too much by doing that . . . can I?

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Thank you Mrs. Muddled for asking to put "Back Up Registry" in detail :)


I have been in there, and have changed somethings, but only what I was told to...but shame on me, I didn't do a back up. :D I didn't mess up though, thank goodness.


I'm going to print this out, and add it to mt 'Favorites' :D


Does this help?
It sure does Don, and thank you for doing it. :D



I just have one little question...


Then later if you need to restore the backup got back to regedit and file < import

find the file and click on it and select open.


When I select 'Open' it will go back to the original Registry, all by itself???


Thank a bunch. :D

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