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For the forseeable future, I expect to continue using a commercial e-mail service for our domain's e-mail. A big priority in getting started with a web site here is to avoid any disrutption to the e-mail users.


The domain is currently hosted at an ISP that has set the MX record and a redirection entry to our mail service and to another web site, respectively.


Before trying to get the DNS entries to point to TCH, I wanted to be sure that the MX entry hosted at TCH is correct. I'm assuming that if it is, e-mail service will be uninterrupted during the DNS transition.


The instructions from the e-mail rovider on the MX record says to set it to:


malloys.org MX 0 sitemail.everyone.net


Checking around I find that the zero is the priority of the record. I can't see a way in the cPanel interface to set this. I assume that if I specify just the domain in the cPanel GUI that some proper priority is actually included in the MX record.


Are my assumptions here on how things will work correct?


Thanks in advance.

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