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June 2003 -- February 2006: Worth It?

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Good lord! I'm back! Well, at least for a little while. Life seems to have taken all my time. Augh.


I began back in June 2003 on $10/month. And that was a lot back them for me, let me tell ya. And for $10/mo, I was mighty happy. Rock solid service, much better than my old host.


I gradually upgraded plans as time went on and purchased additional plans for my websites. I combined them all into a reseller at some point, and grew pretty large... Then came the big jump.


Dedicated server.


I've been here at TCH for a long time now. This summer will mark completing my third year here, having moved up from one of the lowest possible plans to a fully managed and dedicated server for all my happy sites.


I'm extremely happy here. TCH has been very good to me and very reliable. There have been hiccups along the way, as must be expected, but the way they were dealt with was impressive. Servers were fixed quickly, servers were switched if they needed to be... All of my support issues have been dealt with and fixed in a timely manner.


So yeah. Just surfing through TCH again and felt a nice retrospective on my almost 3 years here would be nice. :thumbup1:

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Hello Robert, Very Glad to hear your doing well and that you have time to pop back in the forums.


It is always a good thing when clients are happy and we do our best to ensure this.


Having long term customers such as yourself grow with us is something we strive for and brings us much joy hearing your feedback.

Thanks for the great comments and we look forward to seeing more of you .

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