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Solution For "domain Name Mismatch"

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On Totalchoice, the security certificate of the email server to which you connect uses a domain that's different than the one you specify in your email settings.


For example, you might connect to mail.****** to get your mail, but the security certificate from totalchoice will come back as serverXX.totalchoicehosting.com.


Because of this, if you check your mail securely via TLS or SSL, Thunderbird will pop up with a "Domain Name Mismatch" security error that yo uahve to click through every time you try to check your mail.


A fellow named Andrew Lucking has written an extension for Thunderbird that'll remember specific mismatches if you ask it to.


Get it here:




This extension adds a checkbox to your security error dialog box that disables the warning for that specific certificate mismatching with that specific domain.


It comes with a domain mismatch management menu that allows you to add/remove/modify mismatched domains.


Ideally, total choice should fix their certificates so they match the actual mail server you connect to. But until they do, this thing works like a charm.


Good luck to everyone who doesn't use Thunderbird. =)




There's a bug in these forums. It let me type my full topic, but when the thread is displayed in the list, the topic gets cut off. The input field length should be limited to the length displayed.



Edit: TCH-Bruce - I edited the topic title as well as the link to the extension.

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The reason you get the serverXX is that these are shared certificates for the entire server. The nature of SSL means that TCH would need to get a certificate for each domain name which would be very very expensive, and for most, unessacary.


However, the extension you post would be handy if someone wanted to check email via SSL, although in all my years of emailing, I have yet to use a SSL email route.



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Welcome to the forums Alex.


To get around the shared certificate issue you could purchase your own certificate and have it installed. Again as Jim said, the certificate is a shared certificate and that's the way they work.

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Well that makes sense. =)


Thanks guys for fixing all the errors in my post.


I was looking around for a solution on the Mozilla forums and every time I found a post by someone who was experiencing the same problem as me, that person would get shot down by forum regulars who said the ISP was doing something wrong.


Thanks for the warm welcome. From now on, I come here first.

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