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You still wanna be a FBI Agent? :shutup:



I turned 18 feb 9th and guess what, u know how I was going into the Military? :)


<- United States Army, Mississippi Army National Guard. 114th Military Police Company - E3 Private First Class.


=-) Got some pics of some of the training that you FBI boys have to go thru side-by-side with the Military Police if you want them lol.


DO NOT go for it if you dont like running, pushups and being yelled at lol.


I go to my basic / AIT in a few months at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri - I will be in Atlanta for some physical tests next week then Michigan for a interview, then Washington for an interview with some lady from the FBI office for my ID / Clearance.

Lotsa travel :P Will be rejoining TCH as a customer soon =-)


P.S: Has TCH restarted the fully dedicated servers yet? Gonna need a good bit of space this go around =P



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Lol Rob, you're never too old to reach for your dreams bud!


And Don, yea nice to hear from you old friend. Been in and out of town the last few months getting physicals, documents, and screenings. And also from time to time doing my drills once a month.


How have you been tho? It has been a long time since I have seen ya around.



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