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Vtiger Crm?


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Never heard of it.


From their site:

* Web Server: Apache 2.0.40 and above or Microsoft IIS 5/6


* Database: MySQL 4.0.X (V4.0.20 is preferred)


* PHP: 4.3.X version (V4.3.9 is preferred)


Don't know about your server, but mine's got Apache 1.3.34, MySQL 4.0.25, and PHP 4.4.1. Not sure what they're using in the 2.0 version of Apache, but you could always pose the question in their forums.


(And you might watch the thread-bumping...seen people get cranky about that in the past.)

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Well I have a reseller account, and I successfully installed this program, and have it running so far so good. I guess my only question is that is this going to be too much resources or something. It is a very big program. I don't want to be turned off or anything. And sorry about bumping. I usually don't do that unless it's been a couple of days with no sign of reply.

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Sorry about the lack of reply...I've had a very busy week that doesn't seem to want to end! :) Anyway, you might want to drop a ticket with the help desk and have them take a look at the resource use on your server. I'd also offer them a bit of an explaination about what information you're wanting to see so they can work with you.

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