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Anyone Ever Use Http://www.dnsstuff.com/?


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In the short time I have used it this site has proved indispensible in diagnosing site performance issues.


I would hope/like to request that TCH tell all their customers about it when they complain about slow performance. These tools are far superior to a plain DOS tracert, which is what I have been told to use before.


I got the link from a PostNuke user forum ... glad it's of use (and well known here already).


Knowledge is power...



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When you run a trace from dnsstuff you are running the trace from their server and not your machine. So the route may be fine from there but there is still a problem for you.


And if you are having a problem accessing cPanel open a ticket with the help desk as it's happening.

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Just trying to educate myself here - thanks for your help.


When trouble shooting a problem we use several "tools" to help us determine what and where a problem might be. When you run a traceroute from your desktop you are looking at the problem from your computer to the computer where the web site is located. When you run it from dnsstuff you are checking from THEIR computer to the web sites computer. Its a good habit to try both, this will tell you if its a local problem. The trace may fail from your computer but work from dnsstuff.


So if you only test from one location and it works you move on to the next trouble shooting task, not realizing that the problem is somewhere local to you.

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