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Signup With Creditcard And Email Question

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Guest GuestReneeGuest

I am looking into assisting a non-profit organization into signing up with your hosting company. I have two concerns:


1) If they sign up with a credit card - is there a way to prevent it from being automatically-renewed? We would be using an individual's CC and want a little more control over when it is tapped into.


2) I expect that you do not prefer signups with HOTMAIL accounts and similar, but it could be done?


Thank You,


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I think I can answer your questions:


1) All hosting accounts with TCH automatically renew, so it's not really possible to prevent this. However, you can change your information at any time by submitting a ticket or logging into your billing account.


2) Yes, we do honor sign-up of account in this way. However, we do perform a fraud check on all accounts and you may find that if we have difficulty with other information on the account that the hotmail address could contribute to a non-successful sign-up. But we can cross that bridge only if we need to.


Take care,

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