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Spreadsheet On A Server ?


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I would like to run a spreadsheet like excel or the one in Open Office, I kind of need free, using php & mysql or java on my server but just cannot seem to find one that I like... it would be linked to from the CMS phpwebsite and viewed by those who log in and it would be nice to have permissions D,A,E,M,P but that is really not necessary... if it already has teacher &/or school templates built in all the better... hey if wishes were fishes... any suggestions... TIA

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The only thing I can think of is if you upload the spreadsheet to your server, and if someone clicks a link to it, it will open in Excel (or OpenOffice, depending on what you have installed) on their computer. However any changes made to it would not go back to the server (unless they FTP'd is back). I don't know of a server-side spreadsheet solution.

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I am not sure exactly what you are asking for; however have you tried saving the Excel file for the web using pivot tables? That has some pretty cool enchanced functionality that you can use on a website. However, I do not think that it allows you to modify or change the information. Just sort and stuff like you can do in Excel. There are some cool grouping options as well.


Again, I am not sure if it is what you want, but if you have not tried it already, it is worth a look.

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I noticed the same ? was asked about 2004 in these forums and a no go then either... ya I did wander around Hotscripts & Sourceforge for several hours and all I could come up with was a CMS solution Moodle for teachers that has a module that can track students attendance and grades... which would work for me as I do not need crazy functions just addition... but to install another CMS to just use one module sounds crazy but then I may like it more than phpws... maybe someone else will wander by and put in 2 cents... Thanks for the response... TIA

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Ive seen a product in the past and it worked very well.


Here is a link.


I am not sure if the product has been updated in a while, i last saw it used a couple years ago.





WOW that is exactly what I am looking for...

"SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript version 3

Converts an Excel spreadsheet into an HTML-page with embedded JavaScript. The web page looks like the spreadsheet and calculates like the original spreadsheet.

Free email support for at least 6 month. Currently, we give free email support to everyone, regardless on when you purchased. However, we cannot promise we will do that forever.

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee


SpreadsheetConverter to HTML works on all web servers, since we do the calculations using JavaScript."


also it can be used on any site and is not a single domain license and $100 while not free it is very resonable... & 30 day guarentee... Thank you for the input...

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If you are still looking for a solution, I just found iRows.


WOW... I thought I had looked everywhere and even googled irows on my desktop and nothing... while not running on my server or domain this looks to be the best idea that has surfaced in the few forums I have posted this ? in...


" 1. Universal access Access your data from any computer with a browser. No installations, no version incompatabilities.


2. Global management The data is stored in one place. Users who are allowed to see your data, all see the same latest version. No need to remember who got which version by email, no need to send updates, no need to merge changes.


3. Security You control the access to your data. You can change the permissions any time and they are effective immediately. Once you remove a permission to someone, that person can no longer open the data sheet.


4. Reliability We backup your data every day, save several copies to separate machines, encrypt the data, and take additional measures to protect your data from disasters, or from people who should not see it.


5. Sharing We enable data sharing data. several users can view or update together the same data. Sharing can be in a small community, or worldwide: one person can create a data sheet that can be used by everyone "


Thank You Bruce this looks like what I am looking for... Will check it out ASAP...

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I've used SpreadSheet Converter a few times and had great success with it.

Complicated formulas translate well.


Will check out the google item too.

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