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Need To Check Email From Two Places - But Dont Want It Deleted


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Hmmm. How do I articulate this?


This is what I want to do with my POP3 email address I have on a TCH domain... lets say I check my email from a laptop or a sidekick... and when I get home I need the emails I received on my laptop or sidekick to also be on my desktop.


However, I am pretty sure that if I check it one place first, they won't be available at the other place since they're deleted off the server???


So if I am on a laptop and get 5 new emails, read them or even delete them on my laptop, I need those same 5 emails to still be received as new emails on my desktop when I get home... and vice versa if I check it on my desktop first...


I also need to be able to send from the same email in both places as well. I would like to accomplish this all from one single email address and not set up "reply to"s or anything like that.


I am sure there's a way to do this with a forwarder or maybe there's something simpler?



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Hi Joe,


Go into the account setup (Outlook, Outlook Express or whatever), and under the advanced tab, select 'leave a copy on server', then select a time frame, I use '5 days'.


I do this for the same reason you desire, I receive my POP3 email in 4 different places or so.


HTH, Tom

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Welcome to the forums.


On all machines except the one you want to keep the messages on in your POP3 client me sure to check the box that says to leave a copy on the server. I do it all the time and it works perfectly.


If you send email from your laptop there will not be a copy of it on your desktop unless you CC or BCC yourself to download the message on your desktop.

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Hey, thanks for the replies. For some reason I thought that only worked for IMAP.


So the only way to synchronize "sent items" would be to BCC myself? When I check it from my other machine would I just take the items I BCC'ed myself and move them over to the sent items folder?


Thanks again!

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I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong (it's been a while since I've used IMAP too), but if you're using Outlook, you would change the server type from POP3 to IMAP. IMAP would work beautifully for what you are wanting to do.


And welcome to the forums!

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Hi Joe, yes, as Steve states, when you setup your account in Outlook or Outlook Express, set it up as an IMAP account, instead of a POP3.

I don't know if other email programs have this, though I imagine they would

I tried this in Outlook and OE, and it works, but I didn't like it, though I don't remember why :)

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The reason I don't use IMAP is the mail is always on the server. And you have to remember to delete from your folders or else you will use up all your web space with emails and attachments.


But I POP mail from three different desktops, PDA and my cell phone occasionally. And setting only my home desktop to delete while popping mail works for me.

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option....? perhaps a bit off topic


I don't have a need to have 2 sets of identical email - I just need to keep my two accounts (home/work) separated, and I check each from each location. This wont work if you need to keep 1 account on two locations identical.


I set up 2 special emails, 1 for work and 1 for home





If I down load home email at work that I want back at home, I forward to my home save email. Vice a versa for work email at home. I only have the save email accounts set up for download on their own PC's so I don't keep pulling the same mail at the remote locations.


I have a home laptop, work laptop, work PC and Home PC and I seem to keep track of my 4 way email congestion alright this way.


I have never had a reason though to forward my work email downloaded at home to my work Laptop. If I did, I would create another set of emails I guess





With four emails all starting with save@ I would rename them something like








So outlook express (others too?) could autofill the email address fast/easy.


Like I mentioned - this works for keeping 2 email accounts separate, not 1 account accurate at 2 locations.



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