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Sql Restore Error

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Hello all,


I have restored a database from one of my sites and want to move it to another site on my server.


I have done a backup through Cpanel and Restore on the new URL thru Cpanel, and I get the "restoring database" page, but it doesn't show up.


When I try it thru phpmyadmin, I get the "database exists" error.


This is my first time trying this so I am hoping that I have followed the step correctly.


I also checked for this error message on the boards first before posting. Didn't see anything as of yet.



Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.





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3 years and no posts? Well, it's about time. Nice to see you joining in. Welcome.



The system is so easy to use I haven't had any questions! :D


Tech support has already moved the database over for me and all seems to be well now.


Just one question. Is this always the procedure when I need a database moved to another site on the

same server? From reading the online manuals and posts on the boards it seems that I should have been able to do this myself. If so, not sure where I went wrong.


Thanks again for the welcome and the instant help,



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