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~Save a fellow TCH family member~


After uploading pictures to my website, I deleted them off of my compact flash card. I didn't realize that I was working directly off of the card as I always move them to my hard drive first. I guess I didn't do that this time. As you know when you delete off of a image card the files don't go to the Recycle bin. Right now I am faced with a dilemma; I can either

1) recover them, or

2) tell my wife that I lost them, and face mortal peril.


I prefer number 1


(I did upload most of the good ones, but they were re-sized to a more web friendly size. I would much prefer to recover them via an image recovery program)


Any Ideas for a good program to do that? (while you think of it, I think my personal well being is worth a program that I have to pay for, but my wife might not)

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I did the same thing last summer, only it was an hours worth of a voice recording I did to SD flash memory stick. As soon as I deleted it, well you know the feeling :) I found this http://www.stompsoft.com/recoverlostdata.html, it worked perefect. I was amazed, something that did what it claimed to :clapping: . I used it once again, although it fails me now as to what the reason was, but I remember it worked. All as long as you have not written to the media after the deletion.


Good Luck, Tom

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wampthing, your files are probably still in your compact flash card. If it uses a FAT filesystem (which it probably does), when you delete a file from it, the file isn't actually deleted, instead, the space is marked as free, so when you copy some stuff onto it, the operating system knows it can use that space and overwrite whatever it is you had there before.


Try some recovery software, in a FAT filesystem most of them should work. Of course some are better than others. R-Tools have some of the best known software for this. Ontrack is also pretty good (actually, I still consider them the best). They're the first two results you get from searching for "data recovery" in Google.


EDIT: Do note that all those pro-level tools are quite expensive, so you may want to try to get some free ones.

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Thanks guys.


The first think I did when I deleted it was take out the card and replace it so that I dont overwrite anything. I have downloaded Tomowas suggestion and it shows files that can be recovered, but wont do it until I pay for the program. I decided to hold off to see if I can find a free one first, but I will most likely end up paying for it as it looks like a good program.


borfast, thanks for your additions, ive given google a search, but most end up being like tomowas, where you have to pay to get them recovered. ill keep looking a bit before I actually pay for a program.


thanks for your help.

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