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Building a Website

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If you're asking for beginner info on web development, I would do a google search on the words "beginning web development". There are many informative sites out there. I would also look at some of the code behind your favorite sites (click on View, then View Source) and see what makes them tick. Then create a page off of your main site and play with the code and see how it affects things. Make notes on what you did and what worked and what didn't. (I've got a pretty thick folder of my "exploits"!) But that's where the fun of learning the internet is!


For info on forums, the best source is the homepage for the forum developers.


Hope this helps!

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Depending how much experience you already have, a book with step-by-step examples isn't a bad way to start. I generally use free online resources, but sometimes having the paper reference in your hand is so much easier. And "right-click and Google" can be intimidating for the newly initiated.


Also, since you're just getting started, you might as well learn how to do CSS layouts and use PHP includes. Your life will be so much better for it.


As always, we're here to help if you have questions.

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