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Who Is Stealing My Bandwidth?


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I have a lot of information and Pictures up on my website ( www.gentlemenoffortune.com if you are curious ) and I have noticed that there are a few other websites/forums that are using my pictures.


They have not copied my pictures and host them themselves but are just providing a "link" to them on my server.


It wouldn't be so bad if they added some text with the photo, encouraging them to go to my site, but most of the time, they do not.


Is there a way via C-panel or something else to "track down" who is using my bandwidth in this manner?




Greg aka gof

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Hotlink Protection is a great feature. Enable it, enter any sites

you might reference your own images from, and you're golden.


Here's another approach if the problem is credit/linkback and not bandwidth:


When I find in my logs linkers who do not give credit- I generally send them a polite e-mail with a link back to my page and request them to place it below the photo. If they do not reply within a reasonable time, I copy the file on my server with a new name (myjpg2.jpg) and correct my own link to it. Then I add a watermark on the original photo: "this photo taken without permission from www.mysite.org".



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