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Chmod Appends "*" To File Name Display


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I've been uploading files today using CuteFTP. Some of them need their permissions changed. When I used CHMOD in CuteFTP to change a PHP script from 644 to 744, the permission change went through, but the file then displayed (on the server side) as "filename.php*". That is, CuteFTP had appended an asterisk to the end of the file name.


Sort of.


If I then tried to do anything with that file, CuteFTP told me that it didn't actually exist. For instance, if I highlighted (select) the file and tried to "Rename" it, CuteFTP would tell me that "filename.php* doesn't exist".


I deleted the file through the "File Manager" in cPanel, re-uploaded through CuteFTP, and changed the permissions in cPanel. When I "refreshed" the server-side file listing in CuteFTP, the asterisk was back.


I had this problem once before, a couple of years ago, I think, but I can remember neither the cause nor the solution. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.


Thank you!



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FYI: In order to display "hidden" files (such as the .htaccess file), I'd set the "filter" to the setting recommended by the CuteFTP "Help" file; namely, "-rtaF". I have no idea what these letters stand for.


Comparing these settings with those on another account, I clicked "Enable local filters (Let CuteFTP do the filtering)" and changed the "remote" filter to "-a".


I don't know which part of these changes fixed the problem, but everything appears to be working properly now. :)



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