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I received the following in email today:




It's come to our attention that a bug in Firefox 1.5 is causing some issues on SMF forums. The bug causes Firefox to time its javascript functions incorrectly, which in turn results in a page reloading in the background many, many times. It's possible that some hosts may incorrectly flag this as a Denial of Service (DoS) attack due to the ferocity of the calls. If you are having problems with your server, with many calls looking like: "index.php?action=keepalive", then it almost certainly is this Firefox bug - in this case we recommend you following the advanced information included in this post.


To minimize the risk to this happening when viewing an SMF forum, we've created a work around for the bug which should solve this issue. If you are using SMF 1.1 RC1 or RC2 we recommend you simply replace the current script.js file found in your Themes/default directory with the attached file. This does not affect uses running SMF 1.0.5 or lower.


Advanced Information:

If you are currently experiencing these issues, replacing script.js with the attached should solve them for all new users, but existing users may hold a cached version of the file in their browser. If you are still experiencing issues after changing the file, we recommend editing your copy of index.template.php in your themes and searching for:



$settings['default_theme_url'], '/script.js?



After this line, regardless of what currently follows the "?", simply add a "j", this will invalidate any cached data and force clients to refetch the document.




Simple Machines


Link to their announcement

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