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I Feel Foolish


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No need to feel foolish, the databases where gone when you logged in (probably a mySQL restart) and you submitted a ticket for a genuine issue that worked itself out moments later. Nothing foolish about that.


Whats foolish is when your walking down the stairs and trip over your dog or trip up on the street and stumble a bit, compose yourself and try to make it look like nothing happened :)

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Or tripping over your cat and breaking your hand....My brother did this a few weeks ago.


Or falling face first down a flight of stairs with a concrete pad waiting at the bottom of the steps...I was saved by a GALLON jug of water that I was carrying. That hand flew in front of my body, my face landed in the dented side of the water jug and my feet were way above my head on the stairs, skirt folded down over my head! By the way my other hand could not be felt...had no idea where it was, but when I righted myself I found that it had gotten shoved into my purse. :yes:


Or spraining your hand square dancing.....I did that one several years ago. ;)


Or breaking your foot by jumping over a trickle of water and landing wrong. Yup I did that one too! ;)


Or slamming down on (bad) left knee because your body was still traveling but the grip of the shoe caused your feet to stop suddenly....Yea....Me again.....


All of these events have been witnessed....talk about feeling foolish!

Did I mention I am Queen Klutz AND am glad that I stopped sky diving when I did:?:)

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Not so much accident prone....more poor coordination at high speeds. Or wet conditions. Or both. :yes:


I could sit a horse well and was coordinated for that. Fell off only once in many years during a cross country ride, and only because while at a canter, my horse shied at a cow that appeared suddenly from behind a large bushy outcropping, scaring the horse with a loud snort. Three of us were thrown. All of us got back on and finished the ride.


- I went through the first 6 years of my life with skinned knees. Any time I ran, I fell!

- Got small group of scars on my elbow from falling hard into gravel, embedding rocks.

- Have fallen out of my front door (sisal door mat got wet underneath and flew out from under me).

- Sprained ankle 3 times in 3 years on my birthday (as a kid)....each time jumping off a rope swing into a HUGE pile of leaves and twisting foot on impact. (It would happen after MANY hours of playing outside, many successful jumps from the swing) Fourth year my mohter wouldn't let me out of the house all day! :)

- I always have a bruise coming or going somewhere on my body, yet amazingly, I don't remember how I get them.


And could list SOOOOO many more examples of KLUTZ. Very uncoordinated.

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- I went through the first 6 years of my life with skinned knees. Any time I ran, I fell!
Flashback! Aieeee! That was me until I started Taekwondo in college. I don't remember the last time I fell - except practicing takedowns in self defense :)
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