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Php Extension Question

Guest Don Bernhard

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Guest Don Bernhard

Hi. I'm shopping around for hosting and I really like what you have to offer. I have a simple question.


For my web site I will need to work with dbase (.dbf) files. Reasons are complicated, but simply put, I'm locked into that file format for now. (Maybe I can migrate to mySQL eventually, but not yet.)


Anyway, in order for php to be able to open, close, read, write, etc. a dbase file it is my understanding that the extension "php_dbase.dll" must be enabled. First of all, is that true? If so, do you have "php_dbase.dll" enabled in your php.ini file? If not currently enabled, is that something that could be done by you or by me as a customer with a virtual hosting plan?


btw, dbase extension is discussed here:


See near the bottom of the page at "Installing dBase Support"





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Guest Don Bernhard
Hi Don,


We don't provide dbase support in PHP on our servers, sorry.



Thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep TCH in mind when I get to the point I can put everything into MySQL.

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