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Prayers And Or Thougts

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A few hours ago Dan MacDonalds(Level 3 Admin) daughter Jordynn was rushed to the hospital after ingesting an unknown amount of Tylenol. Her mom went to get the laundry from the dryer and returned to find the 2.5 year old with the pill bottle in her hand and a couple in her mouth.


Dan you and your family in my prayers buddy. You mean so much to TCH, I am praying that things work out for you.


If religion is your thing please say one for Dan and Jordynn, if not please keep them in your thoughts.



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As some may or may not know - Dan is my brother and naturally my thoughts and prayers are with him and my neice jorydnn. On behalf of Dan and rest of family thank you for the kind words; know dan will greatly appreciate the concern that has been expressed and that will be. Will have dan peak at this for Feedback to let everyone know as soon as things settle down.


And Bill/Everyone thanks for always making us feel that we got a 2nd family here at TCH; in good times, and bad.

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Oh my! :blink:


Our thoughts and prayers will be with you for as long as needed. Keep us posted here. :)

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