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Directing Emails To Go To /dev/null

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i helped some friends set up a mambo community website. they are up and going now and get new users every now and then. my account is set up as a super administrator so that i can log in and help if they have technical issues in the future. however, there is something in mambo that sends registration emails to ALL admins, so i'm getting emails requesting accounts or whatever.


so i set up my mambo email to be a new email account in the cpanel. is there a way to get that email inbox to auto-purge to /dev/null (or similiar)?


i dont want to put in a bogus email because i dont know if that will impact the mambo email functionality.




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Personally I'd just set up a dummy email :)


However, you can set up a real account in cpanel, then set up a filter in cpanel (in the email section) and set the it where "To" that "contains" your email address sith a destination "Discard". Which will delete all emails to that email address.

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