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WORM_LOCKSKY.Y is a memory-resident worm that propagates by sending a copy of itself as an attachment to email messages. It is currently spreading in-the-wild and infecting systems that run Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.


The email that it sends has the following details:


Subject: Your mail Account is Suspended

Message body: We regret to inform you that your mail account has been suspended due

to the violation of our site policy, more info is attached.

Attachment: acc_info{random number}.exe


It spoofs the From: field in an attempt to trick users into thinking that the spammed email is from a trusted source.


It bypasses an affected system's firewall thereby effectively lowering system security.


This worm checks for an updated copy of itself by connecting to a specific Web site, and if an updates is available, downloads the update.


It also logs keystrokes and saves the gathered information.


Upon execution, it drops a copy of itself in the Windows folder, and also drops component files, and other copies of itself in the Windows system folder.

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