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I was cancelled!


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IP Address: Member 1 abuse@totalchoicehosting.com Edit Details Change Name


your site was terminated because of the links to warez, but nice try!


this was posted on my site by one of totalchoice hosting tech,


1, you are in the business of selling 2 things that i know of space and bandwith i have a credit card on file that can be charge any amout for the bandwith i used, free bandwith was never my intention, i'm paying for my site to be on the net


read all request ticket, i was leaving long before the *** started



the hosting company i'm with now, i was with them from 2 years before you guys



no hart feeling with you viewing or joining my site but after leaving you site there was no need to post the remarks you posted on my site, what you do snoop everyone site on totalchoice server



thanks for the experience

have a great day


edited to remove the foul language

Edited by Head Guru
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I have taken the liberty to report you to your current backbone provider as well. I am sure they will be in contact with your current hosting firm as well.


abuse@nac.net has been informed that your hosting warez.


We dont host pirated software here, and you should not distribute it.


It is a violation of federal law to do so.


have a nice day :)

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Just in case your not sure why you got canned -


A little bit of reading from our TOS and AUP -


Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:


Transmitting obscene materials or child pornography

Intentionally spreading or threatening to spread computer viruses

Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any network, including TotalChoice Hosting 's private network infrastructure

Accessing or attempting to access information not intended for you

Transmitting pirated software

Conducting or participating in illegal gambling

Soliciting for pyramid and other illegal schemes.

TotalChoice Hosting does not permit any site that contains: (i) images (including on banner ads) of nude models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in TotalChoice Hosting 's sole judgment), (ii) sexually explicit images (including on banner ads) of models that appear to be under the age of 18 (in TotalChoice Hosting 's sole judgment); or (iii) sites containing language promoting child pornography together with any sexually explicit or nude images. As required by federal law in the United States, TotalChoice Hosting will forward all offenders of this policy to the appropriate federal agency

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