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I am trying to add time & date to a page using a script called textclock, this is the command I am using to make the call to my cgi bin <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/nph-textclock.cgi"--> but nothing is happening is there something i'm missing here?

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Yes, that is right: for Apache 1.3.27 (what's being run here) it must be .shtml. I had that problem a few months ago and after posting a trouble ticket, the folks here got me going in the right direction. If my memory serves me correctly, the explanation is that this improves server efficiency: Apache won't try to do SSI parsing on non-SHTML files.


A note: when I first ran into this, I was running Apache 2.0.43 on my PC. Version 2.0.43 does support other extensions for SSI (I was using .inc), so I was completely befuddled for awhile until the folks here pointed out the impact of the version differences to me.

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