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Wordpress 2.0 Is Now Available


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For those who haven´t updated yet, here is a short "howto" on how to upgrade, but remember to follow the exact detailed instructions and you should have no problem.


Step 1: Backup your database

Step 2: Backup ALL your WordPress files

Step 3: Verify the backups

Step 4: Deactivate ALL your Plugins

Step 5: Ensure first fours steps are completed

Step 6: Download and extract the WordPress package

Step 7: Delete the old WordPress files

Step 8: Upload the new files

Step 9: Run the WordPress upgrade program

Step 10: Update Permalinks and .htaccess

Step 11: Install updated Plugins and Themes

Step 12: Reactivate Plugins

Step 13: Review what has changed in WordPress


NOTE: Once again, there are several important things to do in each step, so remember to read the whole intruction on the above link.


As I understand when reading about this update on various sites, this update have alot "under the hood" improvements and contain many many bug fixes, so to keep your Wp installation secure, don´t be afraid to update it even if the prodcedure is a bit bigger than an usual Wp upgrade. You can always ask your family here if you run in to any problem.

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Just in case somebody doesn't take the time to read the complete instructions:


Step 7: Delete the old WordPress files

Except your wp-content folder (which holds your themes, plugins, and other custom content), wp-config.php, wp-images folder, wp-includes/languages folder if you are using other languages, and your .htaccess if you have custom rules.

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