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Man I want a full refund for my AIM account.


This is just not acceptable, I demand service now!


Hello, Sir, my name is Jim.

I'm sorry you are having problems using the award winning AOL Instant Messenger. May I ask why you wish to leave us?


> It's worthless - service is always out and I want out!


I am sorry that you are not able to see the worth of our most excellent service. I am marking your account for an additional 3000 hours to be used in the next 15 days.


> No! I want it cancelled and my money refunded!


Sir, these free hours are without cost to you! Try it for an extra 15 days and we will not charge you a penny.


> But it's not working, it's dead - defunct - finished - inaccessable!


Let me ask you what you like - what are your interests?


> Basket weaving and robotics, why?


Because I'm not only extending your account for 3000 hours for free but I am sending you links to some sites I think you will find pretty interesting. You gotta check out the "Basket Weaving Underwater" link! It's so awesome.



** CLICK **

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