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Injection Attempt... What Are They Looking For Here?


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Woke this morning to find someone testing one of my forms, I suppose for injection weaknesses, but not using any characters I'm blocking. What do you suppose they are looking for when they send a form with this content...


Name: ª?¥<=

E-mail: bom@hotmail.com

IP Address:

Comments: Œ“?«Ã·<pi>©<a href=http://www.xxxxxxx.com>?˜¿‡“«±Ìª?¥<=</a>°£


Note: I altered the URL as it pointed to a zip file.


I have done a decent job of blocking line returns and other false header info. What purpose may it serve spammers to send these characters through a form?

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I have not seen that in a comment field as that field is not such a problem,

but I do strip html codes form my form



$notes = $_POST["notes"];

$notes = (strip_tags($notes));

$notes = (stripslashes($notes));



Œ“?«Ã·<pi>©<a href=http://www.xxxxxxx.com>?˜¿‡“«±Ìª?¥<=</a>°£



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I'd guess that a poorly written form processor would throw out the weird characters and using what's left over accidentally execute the URL to the zip file, thus running it as a privileged user.

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