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My Apology With Phpbb

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During testing of phpBB mail system today because of newsletter

i send by accidence "test" email to all user instead only to myself.


I saw it after 5 second and stopped whole process but probably some user did receive message.

I would like to deep apologize Totachoice team and ask to forgive me.

If it is needed to take a contact with helpdesk let me know.






I did a send my apologize email to helpdesk sobbing.gif

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It happens to many of us. I wouldnt worry about it. Think of it as a learning experience.



Kindly thanks for reply.I feel me actually guilty for such a stupid but afterl all human mistake.I could say that i'm advanced phpBB admin but sometime would to be fast done with testing or modify and then happen mistake.

And searching through similair thread on the forum i found that it is furthermore not allowed at all to use mass email sending to the members of the board.

So i've abonded project "Newsgroups".The idea behind was that member could subscribe for such a group and then receive news from board once a month but because of restriction from totalchoice regarding sending mails to members it is abonded now.

Kindly thanks for reply again.



Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed limit, please don't post limits in the forums

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