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Mod Rewrite Using Urlencoded & Aka Ampersand


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I have some issues with modrewrite and the ampersand.


I encoded the ampersand to %26, but it doesn't seem to work. View the following php scripts to replicate the issue.


Using Simple Get Request


>prints Array ( [foo] => a&b )


Using Mod Rewrite (RewriteRule ^foo/(.*) get.php?foo=$1)


>prints Array ( [foo] => a [b] => )


Anyone have any experience using an ampersand with mod rewrite.

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From what I've been able to find on the internet, this is a known issue with mod_rewrite that is currently not fixed.


Depending on your script, you may be able to work around the issue with one of these options:


1) Double-URL-encode ampersands


As you noted above, ampersands ('&') can be encoded in a URL as '%26'. Encode the '%26' as well, with '%' encoded as '%25'. This would result in the ampersand being replaced with '%2526'. Since mod_rewrite only perform one pass in decoding URLs, the string '%2526' will be decoded into '%26', which will then be passed correctly to your script.


2) Change the query string argument separator in PHP


In URL query strings, parameters can be separated with '&' or ';'. By default, PHP uses '&' to separate multiple parameters in a URL's query string. You can configure PHP to use ';' instead by adding the following to your .htaccess file:

>php_value arg_separator.input ";"


3) Parse the query string yourself


The query string that was submitted in the URL to your script will be present in the PHP global variable $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']. Your script could read the query string directly and parse it into variables in however manner you see fit.


Hope this helps...

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