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Just a quick question, i was reading the latest email form TCH about the spam abuse through php email scripts, i did have a php script on my account and i am unsure if it was safe.


The script was accessed through a flash movie and was just up there for testing purposes, the script i used is as follows:




$to = 'david@example.com';

$subject = 'Feedback from Flash site';



$message = 'From: '.$_POST['from']."\n\n";

$message .= 'Email: '.$_POST['email']."\n\n";

$message .= 'Address: '.$_POST['snail']."\n\n";

$message .= 'Phone: '.$_POST['phone']."\n\n";

$message .= 'Comments: '.$_POST['comments'];


$additionalHeaders = "From: Flash feedback<feedback@example.com>\n";

$additionalHeaders .= "Reply-To: $_POST";



$OK = mail($to, $subject, $message, $additionalHeaders);


if ($OK) {

echo 'sent=OK';


else {

echo 'sent=failed&reason='. urlencode('There seems to be a problem with the server. Please try later.');




As i said preveouely, the post arrays are sent via a flash movie is this script left open to abuse if left on my account (i'v taken it down just incase).


if so



any help would be fantastic.



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Right, if i amended the script as follows:


$additionalHeaders = "From: Flash feedback<feedback@example.com>\n";

if (eregi("\r",$additionalHeaders) || eregi("\n",$additionalHeaders)){

die("Why ?? ;)");



and then saved it within the private folder of my hosting space would that resolve the problem (i'm just learning php as you may have guest ha).


thanks you darren

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