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Bill Kish Picture


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Come on... if you look close you will see the guy is wearing Levi 501's (you know, button fly) with penny loafers!


Way too goofy for HG!


Besides, does this guy look like he eats homemade pasta?

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There should be a caption underneath (like the cards) which goes:


"After several years of marriage, Bills Wife compared the cut out to Bill and started to realise that Bill was not possibly using the correct side of the 'Gym with Beer Bar' membership"





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Ah, the elusive HG Photo....


Are we now realizing that the Head Guru is but a figment of our imaginations? Think about it. This is a person that never sleeps, knows everything, is everywhere and no one has ever seen him? Eerie. Sounds almost omnipotent.


:lol: :lol:

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